A Moment of Critical Reflection (How to Live Life to its Fullest?)

Over the past months, I have struggled on and off with disappointments, sadness and hopelessness. I felt that I don’t feel as if I am living my life to the fullest at all. To be honest, I am actually elated for having and choosing this “crazy lifestyle” and I wouldn’t dare to trade my life experiences for any other path. But my brain didn’t allow me to live without wondering what life would be like if I chosen to do something else. I guess, I was just in my self-pitying session then.

Well, I am blogging about this now, because somehow I eventually passed through my self-pitying sessions. Thank God! I realized that instead of pondering too much about my hang ups I must put my mind to the right mindset and shake all those negative vibes inside my system and turned my self-pitying into self reflection.

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Worry Less, Smile More


“Worrying is an insult to God because we are simply questioning His miraculous works and powers.” When we invite worry in the front door of our lives, our faith will depart through the back. Worries are not helpful. If we spend most of our time worrying about anything that might happen in the future we will spend less time enjoying the present moment. Well, we can always acknowledge all the worries that enter into our head but never engage into them.


Swerte … madalas nating mabanggit…masambit…maramdaman… mga kaganapan sa buhay na pumabor ayon sa kagustuhan natin. Swerte…hindi inasahan, hindi inakala, biglaan… hindi sinadya pero nagdulot sa atin ng sobrang saya.. Swerte..

Sa swerte maraming nakakampante at dahil doon hirap  namang umabante. Aasa’t aasa, mag-aabang, tutunganga. Negatibong epekto sa mga taong nakaasa sa swerte.

Ano pa nga ba ang ibang kahulugan ng swerte? Meron pa bang mas malalim na kahulugan ito? Ewan ko.  Basta ang alam ko hindi ako swerte na tao. Nakakalungkot isipin pero totoo at tanggap ko iyon. Tinanggap ko ng sapilitan dahil wala naman akong mapagpipilian.

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